About myself, trade biography

portre- I am Rita Harangozó

- I was born on the 21st of August in 1978 in Marcali

- In 1997 after the school-leaving exam I began to study the potter trade in Zalaegerszeg

- In 1998 I established my own workshop in Marcali with parental help

- Since 1999 I have had my pieces of work qualified by the Folk Craft Council (NIT)

- Since 2000 I have continued my studies in Budapest at the Dr Maria Kresz Potter Centre where I gained the teacher

  certificate of the folk playhouse leader and the potter trade, both with excellent results

- In 2002 I gained the Folk Artist title

- On the 20th of August in 2006 I could receive the award of Young Master of Handicraft from the Educational and Cultural Minister in Budapest